When was it set up ?

The Mongrels car club was set up in the 1980's. The basis of the club and the name came about through a discussion over a few glasses in a bar.

Why Mongrels.?

The name came about because a kit car is made up of parts from many sources, and like the dog, it will be a faithful friend.

How much does it cost?

The club is unusual because there is No Committee, No Membership Fees, and no-one is out to control the club or build there own "empire", as often happens in clubs and organizations.

Where do I go?

The Mongrels currently meet @ 8:30 ish on the 1st THURSDAY of the month @ the ROYAL OAK public house in AUBOURN 8 miles south of Lincoln. There are also plans to meet at different locations on a Sunday Lunchtime during the summer (maybe).

Who can join? The club is open to anyone who has a interest in "non standard" cars. If you are into hot hatches or euro boxes, then normally we are not interested. If you are into Kit Cars, Americans, Customs, Specials, etc. then come along. WE DON'T BITE