At Lynnstyle we try to ensure that your wedding travel goes as smoothly as you would wish.
We currently have 2 cars available for your Consideration.

    The First car is a Vintage Style Limousine (top photo). This car was the advantage that you have both an open carriage and a closed carriage. To switch from open top to closed top only takes a couple of minutes, so you can drive to you wedding location with the roof up (So that there is no danger of the brides hair being blown about), then just round the corner from the wedding location the car can stop and convert to a soft top, so that the bride can been seen in all here grandeur, making here grand entrance. The only things that decides whether the roof is up or down is the Bride and the Weather..

   The second car available is a classic Lincoln Town Car. (Bottom Photo) The Lincoln is the basis for most of the stretched Limousines that you see around the streets these days.  The only difference is that ours is not a Stretched car. Being an American car there is a lot of room inside and a lot of comfort including full climate control. The Lincoln can be used in 2 different roles, it is ideal for use as the brides car to the wedding location, and for the bride and groom leaving the wedding location. Alternatively the Lincoln can be used as a "Second car" for transporting the Brides maids, Brides and Grooms parents, etc. In this role the car is equipped with  seat belts for 5 passengers (excluding the driver).

   Which ever car you choose we are sure you will not be disappointed.  We even offer a special rate for the hiring of both cars as a pair. If we provide the Brides car we also provide a Champaign Toast for the couple after the service. With either car the choice of ribbons and bows is entirely up to you, we will do are best to match the colour of your choice. We will only ever except 1 wedding booking per day for each car, so the car is available for as many trips to and from the wedding location as required (within reason).

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